Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group


PPG Action Group Minutes 27 January 2020

Present: Cath Verhoeven - Chair (CV), Debs Main - Secretary (DM) Anne Hardy (AH) James Pam, Bill Brown (BB), Sue Clague (SC), Alan Wilson (AW)

Apologies: Tryphena Anderson (TA)


1. Ratification of Minutes: The minutes of the action group meeting held on 16.12.19 were ratified with minor corrections. The minutes of the Main PPG meeting held on 16.01.20 were also reviewed with minor corrections made to allow upload to practice website, these will be marked as ‘draft’ until they are ratified at the next main meeting.
1.1. Action: Debs forward to Alan for upload to PPG section of practice website.

2. Matters Arising: 
2.1. Website -
Alan now has Simon Jones (Practice Manager) email and is able to contact him directly to advise on changes to the practice website where appropriate.

2.2. GP Allocation: It was agreed at the Main PPG meeting on 16.01.20 that this would
be raised as a standing agenda item at all future main meetings.


3. Review of PPG Objective 1:
Objective 1: Improve the demographic of the PPG Membership

Black, Asian and minority ethnic patients and those under the age of 45 are underrepresented within our PPG membership.

Objective: The PPG will continue to recruit membership from the Asian and minority ethnic community in our contact with the patients and seek to increase membership from patients under the age of 45. Where there is a vacancy in the Action Group we will seek to recruit in a manner that more accurately reflects the practice demographics in terms of ethnicity and age.
Getting the engagement of minority groups with the PPG continues to be a difficult task. The Action Group discussed how they could broaden the demographic and it was suggested that Cath should discuss with Dr Nightingale to ask if she could think about potential patients that could be invited to join the Action Group to represent minority groups. It was also thought that Dr Nightingale should be asked if she could take this to the Practice management meetings and ask for the support of other GPs. James asked if we could review the demographic of the PPG again and see if current membership has changed in terms of age and ethnicity. 
3.1. Action: Cath to discuss with Dr Nightingale.
3.2. Action: Cath to request Gill Crawford (Deputy Practice Manager) to review ethnicity
and age of PPG members. 

4. Constitution Amendment: An amendment to the constitution was agreed at the main PPG meeting on 16.01.20. 
4.1. Action: Debs to make changes as agreed and forward to Alan for upload to practice website.

5. Newsletter Distribution: PPG member Barbara Kendal has kindly offered to distribute future copies of the newsletter in the Victoria Centre flats where she lives. This will require an increase in the number of copies printed for each edition. It was also discussed at the main meeting that copies might be placed on the reception desks at both surgeries and possibly by the self check in point at Mapperley in an effort to increase uptake.
5.1. Action: Cath to contact Barbara re number that will be required.
5.2. Action: Cath to discuss with Simon re placement of newsletter at the surgeries.

6. Repeat Prescriptions - email to practice: Changes to repeat prescriptions that are being considered by the Practice (where patients ability to contact their pharmacy to order repeat prescriptions be stopped) were discussed at the Main PPG meeting on 16.01.20. The action group felt it was essential that they have the assurance of the Practice that this will be discussed further with the PPG before any changes are implemented.
6.1. Action: Sue is emailing a contact at the CCG to see what the protocol for GPs and repeat prescriptions is to find out if it is at the discretion of the Practice or mandated by the CCG. Sue to copy in Cath.
6.2. Action: Debs to send minuted points from main meeting to Cath. 
6.3. Action: Cath to follow up with Simon.

7. On-Line Appointments: As discussed at the PPG Main Meeting Simon is reviewing the system. The action group reviewed the available appointments at this meeting at 11.30am and found there were 50 available to book in the next 2 weeks.
7.1. Action: It was agreed that this should be reviewed again at the next action group meeting and decide if a “Secret Shopper” review should be carried out.

8. AOB:
8.1. AGM 21.04.20:
Agenda to be discussed at next action group meeting
8.2. Standing Agenda Item at Practice Meetings: James suggested we should revisit requesting that the Practice include an item which asks them to consider if anything raised at their management meetings should be taken to the PPG for discussion.
8.3. Information Screens: Need to review with Simon.
8.4. PPG Involvement in Interview Process: To be revisited
8.5. Invite Simon to Action Group Meeting - Prior to AGM see dates below

Next Main PPG meeting: 1pm on Tuesday 21st April at Mapperley Surgery
Next Action Group Meeting: 11 am Monday 24th February 2020 at Sue's (AW apologies)
                                                 11 am Monday 23rd March 2020 at Sue’s (AW apologies)

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