Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group


Action Group Meeting Minutes
Meeting held on Zoom on Monday 28.02.22 at 11am

Present: Cath Verhoeven (Chair), Debs Main (Secretary), Alan Wilson, Anne Hardy, Bill Brown, James Pam.
Apologies: None.

1. Ratification of minutes –
minutes of Action Group Meeting 24.01.22 were ratified with
minor amendments. Action: Debs to send to Alan for website.

2. Matters Arising:

  • Dates of Main PPG meeting Agenda for 8th March 11am?? Not been sent to wider PPG yet – CV to have meeting with Simon yet to confirm dates so it was suggested that this meeting is rescheduled to 12th April to allow more time for planning. Action: Cath to agree further dates and times with Simon.

  • Information Screens – reported that info screen at 858 location awkward for 45% of patients in the waiting room – nobody looking at it, no sound, disappointing content – doesn’t show wait times or anything local to practice. PPG would like to be more proactive in improving this. Action: CV has on her list to discuss with Simon.

3. Spring Newsletter:
DM awaiting articles from practice to include in the newsletter as discussed at the last action group meeting. DM contacted Simon on 26th Jan and again on 25th Feb. Simon replied that he would do his best to get articles (he is on holiday Tuesday to Friday this week). It was felt that this is a great opportunity for the practice to communicate with its patient population via their newsletter for 10,000 patients which is produced in collaboration with PPG and it would be great if the Practice made good use of it. Perhaps an article from Simon to say how the practice remains under pressure and why this is so was suggested.
Articles to include:

  • PPG Objectives (CV) – CV to amend article submitted.

  • Telephone system – (JP) – article received.

  • Contacting surgery – face to face appointments (Simon)

  • Anything else the Practice would like to see included i.e. health news or campaigns (Simon to liaise with practice)

Action: DM to produce newsletter when articles received from Simon.

4. Objectives/Constitution:

Final content agreed. Action: CV to forward AW copies to upload to the website.

5. Telephone Survey:

  • Questions proposed by CV discussed. Asking how people feel about the new system and if they feel that it is an improvement. Anecdotal evidence from PPG members suggests the new system is an improvement. Questions for the survey discussed and it was suggested that some questions should be more qualitative with tick box’s about how people feel and their perceptions of the new system to make the results easier to complete analyse and report. Limit questions to around 6 to encourage completion. System metrics should be available for telephone wait time etc.Action: CV to send draft questions to action group for comments and will also discuss with Simon. Survey will be published on ‘Survey Monkey’ or similar.

6. AOB: None.

  • Booking appointments via NHS app – CV to discuss with Simon that there are still very limited or no appointments available to book on the app.

  • Liaison with other PPGs – there has been no communication with other PPGs Action: Cath to look into setting up a meeting with Chairs from other PPGs within our PCN. Debs to look at patient leadership forum to see if any information there.

7. Dates of Main PPG meetings:

  • Agenda for 8th March 11am has not been sent to wider PPG yet – CV to have meeting with Simon first to confirm dates so it was suggested that this meeting is rescheduled to 12th April to allow more time for planning.Action: Cath to agree further dates and times with Simon and share with members when they are agreed.

8. Date of Next PPG Action Group Meeting:

  • PPG Action Group on Monday, March 28th 11am on Zoom.
    Action: DM send out zoom link:

Future Main Meeting Dates: Mondays - April 11th, June 13th, Sept 12th & Dec 12th