Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group


PPG Action Group Minutes 12.10.20
(Meeting held on-line via Zoom)

Present: Cath Verhoeven (Chair) Debs Main (Secretary), Bill Brown, Sue Clague, Anne Hardy, James Pam, Alan Wilson.

Apologies: Tryphena Anderson

1. Ratification of Minutes: The minutes of the action group meeting held on 21.09.20 were ratified with minor corrections.
• Action: Debs forward to Alan for upload to PPG section of practice website.

2. Matters Arising:

1. Standing Practice Agenda Item: Wording of the question to be asked at practice management meeting was amended to be more succinct. “What issues need PPG consultation before action is agreed” Action: Cath to feed back to Dr Nightingale. 

2. Flu Vaccinations: These began last week at both surgeries and some PPG
members assisted in the running of clinics. They were impressed with the hard work of all concerned in making the process safe, smooth and efficient. However it was felt that the clinic at VHC was very quiet and it was questioned if this was a good use of Doctors time when vaccinations can be obtained free from pharmacies and in pharmacies in supermarkets for those that are eligible. 

3. Zoom: Debs was awaiting confirmation from EMAHSN re a successful application to the PPI (Patient and Public Involvement) fund. This has now been received.

4. Information Screens: The group were pleased that the practice is purchasing a system with no contractual requirement for advertisements. It would be useful to see the templates that will be used and for a member of the action group to be involved with the development of the content in partnership with the practice.
Action: Cath to circulate list of ideas to add suggestions of the PPG would like to see - discuss further at next meeting. 

3. NHS App:

1. Alan has been busy with the “Get Nottinghamshire Connected” a Digital and Social Inclusion Project working across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to support the most excluded people across the city and county gain the essential skills and confidence they need to start using technology, and get

2. Future plans are in place to provide digital champion/ambassador training to a number of staff and the action group would like to understand how this might be implemented at the V&M Practice and help those experiencing health inequality; including those with lower health and digital literacy, those from BAME backgrounds and migrant groups. The intention is to train reception staff to be able to support patients in using the technolgy. The “digital support hubs are currently suspended due to the Covid pandemic.

3. The Action Group agreed it is important to pursue and develop digital technologies to benefit the practice and encourage patients who can to actively use these resources which will free up resources for those who can’t.

4. The group discussed and agreed a draft email from Cath to be sent to PPG
members inviting them to download the NHS app to trial it for feedback to Simon. 

5. There was concern that the only appointments available to book via the app
currently are flu vaccinations and it was questioned if patents will be put off using the app if general appointments are not available. It is understood that patient appointments are being triaged before they are booked to limit the number of patients coming in to the surgery. The PPG need to understand, for our surgery what is the protocol that they are working to, are patients encouraged to phone (sometimes waiting for a long time to get through) or can they come in for an appointment. It was felt that a patient survey maybe useful to see what their experience is of accessing care.
• Action: Cath to hold off sending email to PPG Members until more online
appointments are available.
• Action: Alan to discuss the “Connected Nottinghamshire” team to clarify how this will work within our PCN to take suggestions to Simon about how the practice can access support.

4. AGM agenda:

1. Prior to finalising the agenda it was agreed that after AGM in November that PPG needs to be flexible in working with the PPG constitution to allow for the current situation working via ZOOM. Having the next PPG meeting in January and AGM 12 months following the AGM in November.

2. It is hoped that using ZOOM with all PPG members perhaps every 2 months will
allow some open meetings to raise issues and have some structures meetings to be
more inclusive.
• Action: Discuss at AGM with PPG members.

5. Agree Annual Report:


1. The annual report was finalised ready for the AGM.

2. Debs will share screen in Zoom meeting to reduce time going through the report at the meeting in too much detail and allow more time for discussion later in the meeting.
• Action: Debs to forward amended document to Cath.
• Action: Cath to send out to PPG members in advance of the AGM at 11am on
2nd November 2020.

6. Adoption of 2020/21 Objectives:


1. Objectives finalised.
• Action: Debs to forward amended document to Cath. 
• Action: Cath to send out to PPG members in advance of the AGM.

7. Chair and Secretary election details - Bill

1. It was agreed that Cath and Debs will continue in their roles as Chair and Secretary respectively for the time being.
• Action: Bill will nominate Cath and Debs at the AGM.

8. Newsletter:

• Action: Debs to contact Simon regarding articles from the practice.

9. AOB

1. Action Group membership: Cath has spoken with Andy who has confirmed that she wishes to continue to be an action group member.
2. Action: Cath to send ZOOM link to PPG members inviting them to the AGM.

Next PPG Meeting: PPG AGM on: 2nd November at 11am via Zoom.
Next Action Group Meeting: Monday 16th November at 11am via Zoom.