Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group


PPG Action Group Minutes 19 November 2019

Present: Cath Verhoeven - Chair (CV), Debs Main - Secretary (DM), Bill Brown (BB), James Pam (JP), Anne Hardy (AH)

Apologies: Sue Clague (SC), Alan Wilson (AW), Tryphena Anderson (TA).



  1. Ratification of Minutes - The minutes of the action group meeting held on 21.10.19 were ratified with minor corrections. 
    Action: Debs forward to Alan for upload to PPG section of practice website.

  2. Matters Arising:

    1. On-Line appointments - There are still few or no appointments available to book on line. CV has discussed with Practice manager Simon Jones (SJ) and he will review what percentage of appointments are made available and discuss with the GP partners.

    2. Newsletter - The practice have purchased 6 perspex stands to display the newsletter in pharmacies. CV reported that of the 300 newsletters printed and distributed last month there were only a few left. Action: CV to ask Paul to drop one of the stands round to Manns.

    3. Information screens in surgeries: CV has asked for an update from SJ and it’s on his list of things to review.

    4. Reception staff telephone manner - 5 members of the admin team have recently attended a course with more to follow.

    5. Telephone survey - discussed on main agenda - see below.

  3. Agenda for 16/01/2020 Main PPG Meeting: Items for the meeting in January were discussed with a draft agenda agreed to include:

    1. Appointment of Officers
    2. Proposing changes to constitution
    3. Phone system survey results
    4. Pharmacy prescriptions
    5. Questions from PPG members
    6. AOB 

    Action: CV to draft agenda and circulate - JP will chair the meeting.

  4. Telephone Survey - The action group recently carried out a survey of the telephone system using a simple questionnaire at the Saturday flu vaccination clinic at Mapperley surgery. The group also did a small ‘secret shopper’ type survey, where they telephoned the surgery at different times of day and timed how long it took them to get to speak to someone - at this point they hung up to so as not to waste the receptionists time. 
    CV has collated the comments from the questionnaire and the times taken for calls to be answered and they were reviewed by the group. It was agreed that there should be some positive feedback given to the the practice regarding how long it took for calls to be answered - out of 18 calls made 13 were answered in less than 3 minutes, 2 were answered immediately and only 3 took longer than 10 minutes. 
    The comments patients made on the questionnaire were reviewed and there are some common themes emerging as follows:

    Patients feel:
    It’s often easier to go to surgery and make appointment in person 
    They have to wait too long to speak to someone 
    They like knowing where they are in the queue 
    The current automated message is too long. 

    The action group wondered if the automated message for the Mapperley surgery could be reduced as it currently has information for new patients registering from the Mapperley Park practice and is this still relevant/ necessary? 

    Action: CV to feed back results to SJ. The results will be presented at the Main PPG meeting in January.

  5. Practice Update:

1. Phone System - The practice are looking into having a telephone service that covers both surgeries potentially with one number.

2. PCNs Interaction with PPGs: SC has informed CV that the CCG will arrange a meeting soon to discuss how newly formed Primary Care Networks (PCNs) will interact with PPGs. Action: JP will attend to represent this PPG.

3. Website - some updates have been made. SJ has informed the PPG that the maintenance of the site will be kept in-house.

4. GP Allocation: The Victoria and Mapperley Practice currently has 9758 patients registered with potentially more to come from the practice that closed in Mapperley Park. The Action Group would like to know how many whole-time equivalents of GPs the practice has and how does that relate to best practice for the number of patients we have. This information would be useful for future reference. 
Action: CV to discuss with Practice Manager Simon Jones.

5. Prescriptions ordered via pharmacies will stop within the next 6 months in an effort to reduce waste. The action group felt this could be a step backwards but would like to understand more before making a judgment. Is this a national
directive, come from the CCG or has it come from the practice?
Action: CV to inform SJ that this will be added this to the main meeting agenda for further discussion. 

6. Health Promotion Boards: The next theme will be “Helping You to Help Yourself’. CV is awaiting supplies from SJ to update the boards.

7. Primary Care Network Appointments: a Pharmacist and a Social Prescriber have been appointed for the PCN covering our area which includes 8 GP practices. It is not yet clear where they will be based or how their roles will work. It was agreed that this could be an item for the main PPG meeting in April when their
posts are more established.

8. PPG Membership - CV will send an up to date list of current PPG membership to Gill Crawford (Deputy practice manager) who will inform her when anyone on the list ceases to be a practice patient.

  6. AOB: JP will chair the next few meeting while CV is unavailable.

  Next Action Group Meeting: Monday 11am, 16th December at Debs house
  Next Main PPG meeting: 1pm, Thursday 16th January 2020 at Victoria Health Centre

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