Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group


PPG Action Group Minutes 17 August 2020

(Meeting held on-line via Zoom)

Present: Cath Verhoeven (Chair) Debs Main (Secretary), Bill Brown, Anne Hardy, James Pam, Alan Wilson, Sue Clague.

Apologies: None received.

1. Ratification of Minutes: The minutes of the action group meeting held on 13.07.20 were ratified with minor corrections.

• Action: Debs forward to Alan for upload to PPG section of practice website.

2. Matters Arising for minutes dated 13.07.20:

PPG Status: Following from the last meeting this was discussed further it was

Agreed to:

a.  Keep PPG members informed by completing annual report.

b. Have a virtual AGM to formalise what we are doing once we have our Zoom capabilities sorted with a slimmed down focus, a simple agenda and narrow down our objectives to reflect our current situation and a new way of working. It was felt important that, as well as the practice manager present that a doctor should be present too.

c. Objectives discussed and agreed to draft amendment made to support our patient cohort. With the focus making the patient experience better by clarifying what the practice is doing, in light of Covid-19, to make the patient experience better in the “Restoration & Recovery Phase’.

d. It was felt that it is important that the practice communicate clearly with patients how they are working now in the ‘Covid-19 environment’.

e. The action group would like to understand what percentage of patient appointments are being conducted by Telephone, Face to Face & Video link and what is being done to access vulnerable hard to reach groups.

f. Phase 3 of NHS response to Covid-19 coronavirus/publication/third-phase-response/ focuses on health inequalities and how GPs care for their patients - this document to be reviewed in relation to amending our objectives.

• Action: Annual report to be completed - those responsible for objectives to forward a piece to Cath.

• Action: Wording for new objectives to be drafted by those responsible ready for discussion at AGM.

• Action: Dr Nightingale and Simon to be invited to next meeting to discuss proposed changes to objectives before they are presented to PPG members at the AGM for approval.

• Action: Alan to review website content and feedback to Simon

3. Feedback from Patient Citizen Leadership Meeting 07.08.20 (Debs):

• CCG pandemic consultation - only 450 responses to the survey so far.

• Flu Vaccinations: As winter approaches, there was a request for members to share with their families, networks and communities the need to encourage people to receive the flu jab ASAP. GP practices will have ordered vaccines to cover patient cohort. 50+ and pupils in year 7 will also be able to receive a flu jab this year. There are discussions about a possible Covid Vaccination in Nottinghamshire. It is important therefore that people obtain their flu jab sooner rather than later so any Covid jab can then follow on. Communications about flu jabs will be shared as soon as they are available.

• Patient Knows Best (PKB) app (integrated with the NHS app) being strongly advocated by ICS(Integrated Care System). Some General Practices using different apps. PKB is not yet integrated with GP patient and other Systems. Only 65 out of the 128 practices in Nottinghamshire are using it and this is being addressed. Patient Knows Best (PKB) gives you a voice inside the NHS system. See YouTube video talking about it

• Action: Our PPG have been asked by Simon to review the PKB app and we need to act on this and feed back to the practice. Debs to send out information: their-health-and-care-records-with-pkb/

4. GP Patient Survey (Bill): Bill reported on the key points from the GP Patient Survey (IPSOS Mori poll) completed between January to March 2020 just prior to the Covid-19 lockdown. Patient satisfaction with clinicians remains high and some improvement in practice administration. Wait times and getting an appointment could be improved. Link to report here:

• Action: Bill to provide short article for newsletter.

5. AGM Report: Report on 2019/20 objectives still to be completed. Cath has received text from James for Objective 1 and Debs for Objective 4. She still needs text from Sue for Objective 3. Ann for Objective 5, Bill for Objective 6 and Alan for Objective 7. It was felt that it is important this should include a view of how we move forward in a ‘post-Covid world’.

• Action: Sue, Anne, Bill and Alan to complete and send to Cath by 24th August.

• Draft copy of report will be circulated to the practice prior to AGM.

6. Comments re Cath’s meeting with Simon 20/07/20 (See Attached Appendix 1).

Cath’s questions in Black, Simon’s response in Red, Action comment in Blue.

7. Newsletter: Next edition usually due early October as the Autumn/Winter edition. Need advice from Simon as to what the practice want and what key health messages are important i.e. flu vaccinations, Covid-19. Debs can start producing is as soon as she is provided with the articles. PPG section can be limited to allow the practice more space to put important messages needed.

• Action: Cath to ask Simon for articles to be forwarded directly to Debs.

Next Action Group Meeting: Monday 21st September at 11am via Zoom.



Appendix 1:

Telephone Meeting 20th July 2020 – Cath Verhoeven & Simon Jones

1. Standing agenda item at Practice meetings requesting that the practice include an item which asks them to consider if anything raised at their management meetings should be taken to the PPG for discussion and feedback. At moment Zoom meetings are via Zoom. Simon will action this.

• Action Group Comment: Reiterate that there should be a standing agenda item that Dr Nightingale/Simon should raise on behalf of PPG. eg See point 3 – it’s felt that PPG should be consulted. Cath to invite Dr Nightingale to next action group meeting on 21/09/20.

2. Social Prescriber, Pharmacist, Physio:

2.1.Where will they be based? Will be based at either site depending on room availability, the exception might be the physio who could be based at Parliament St. The Practice will have access to the Social Prescriber once a week. There is 1 pharmacist between 2 practices in the PCN. The physio will be on contract.

2.2.How can these services be accessed? Any staff could refer to the Social Prescriber. Ultimately it will be the GP but reception can suggest referral and the GP has the final decision. Pharmacist & Physio– predominately GP referral but with training receptionists could eventually do it.

2.3.Could website be updated with this information? – can’t update website until we can meet demand. There could be an article for the newsletter but give it another 6 months.

• Action Group Comment: Need article for newsletter and website with clarity for patients - how can this benefit me as a patient?

3. Where are we at with Information Screens? Suppliers are coming to decide position for screens – have had £500 funding which = 10% of cost. The Practice is aiming for having screens in place by September.

• Action Group Comment: Ask Simon, Is this a commercial provider? PPG believe we should have key role in being consulted at an early stage about how information screen is going to work - it would be useful to understand how it is done by other practices.

4. ESP4 (electronic prescriptions)-What is the timescale for this? Will be in place at the end of Aug.

4.1. Can Simon do an article for the newsletter? Yes.

4.2. Can details go on the website? Yes.

5. Zoom – is it possible to record to enable Debs to do the minutes – next meeting is Aug 17th at 11am. Simon is going back to Dr Mawji, he doesn’t see why we can’t have our own account for the sake of £11/£12.

• Action Group Comment: Alan’s Zoom subscription expires next week. Debs has submitted application to EMAHSN. Cath offered to take out subscription but some felt that as a point of principal the practice should be facilitating the PPG to continue. Cath to ask Simon again - if done by practice needs to be opened using PPG email address.

6. Has Newsletter arrived FAO Simon? Yes, no merit in putting any in Pharmacy next to VHC at present. Simon will check with Manns.

6.1.Can Simon text link to newsletter & subsequent newsletters to patients? Yes, to present newsletter & Simon will take advice on subsequent newsletters.

7. Practice door notices – Paul has already adopted the PPG notice and photocopied and laminated it ready to go up.

8. Any progress in linking CV with another PPG chair in our PCN? Simon has raised this with other Practice managers, however, there has been no response. Simon is of the opinion there are only two successful PPGs in the PCN, ourselves and Well Spring. He will approach Well Spring.

9. Feedback on patient experience – CV raised issue re inappropriate use of language (darling) by a receptionist and the positive and negative feedback re clinicians e.g. one male GP being very brusque in telephone consultations and a female GP providing an excellent consultation. Simon welcomed feedback on patient experience and will follow this up.

10. Communication with patients by mobile phone text message. Simon agreed at meeting 24/02/20 to send out texts on a more regular basis – can this happen? Texts/newsletters need to be health related. All newsletters are health related. Simon to take advice on this.

11. Lack of gel in Victoria. Gel is put in there – Simon can only think it is stolen!! But will look into it.

12. No recent updates on website since advice for those shielding on 30th June & Covid Newsletter (provided by the PPG) on July 7th. Practice updates website as they get government advice.

13. Patient information for screen – PPG to be consulted.

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