Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group


Action Group Meeting Minutes

Meeting held on Zoom on Wednesday 22.09.2021 – 8pm – 9pm


Present:           Cath Verhoeven (Chair), Debs Main (Secretary), Alan Wilson, Anne Hardy,

                        Bill Brown, Sue Clague, James Pam,  Simon Jones (practice manager).

Apologies:      None.



  1. Practice Update: Simon Jones (Practice manager).

Covid-19 & Flu Vaccinations:

  • Boosters – same info as to general public but practice is signed up to it. It will be Pfizer regardless of first dose.

  • More likely to be like a flu campaign but awaiting clarity on how it will happen.

  • Potentially can clinically be given with flu jab if timing fits.  1 injection per arm.

  • Awaiting news of delivery of vaccine.

  • Early cohort are getting letters from NHS England to have booster jab.

  • Flu jabs delayed 2 weeks – should arrive w/c 4th Oct but not 100% confirmed. Hope to start clinics w/c 11th Oct.  Lots of clinicians are blocked out to get them done.

PPG expressed concern on managing influx of calls doing extra vaccinations will bring:

  • Invitations sent out staggered (following a search to see if patients are eligible – 6 months post 2nd dose) and sent mid morning to try to relive bottleneck of people calling. Appointments can be made online.

Addition workload impact of giving jabs a concern:

  • GPs have been asked to do this. There will only be 2 hubs giving boosters in comparison to the multiple vaccination centres there were during the pandemic.

  • Forest Rec to stay open for first and second covid jabs and will support boosters for those practices who haven’t signed up).

  • Clinicians will need to ensure that last jab at least 6 months before given.

  • Will be tricky to manage along with flu campaign, using own nurses.

Shortage of blood bottles:

  • to a degree back to normal now and have always continued to do urgent blood tests if clinically needed.


  • Dr Khan leaving primary care to due to homecare commitments.

  • Dr Simon Bailey – covering Dr Gadens maternity leave – will also cover some of Dr Khans sessions but practice will need to recruit another GP.

  • Recruiting another receptionists.

Phone system - One number for both surgeries:

  • No change to Mapperley patients for number. VHC patients now call Mapperley number.


   2. Practice Appointments:

Q. Role of receptionist – it’s important for patients to have consistency – booking appointments – do they triage? 

  • Receptionists don’t clinically triage. They’re not trained to do that, its not their responsibility – but they do contact a GP to see what they should do if needed.

  • Misconception of what they can offer – reality is that once appointments are full they can only go to GP to ask advice and see if they can fit someone in if necessary.

Q. Are receptionists dealing with calls in communicating with patients with empathy and offering signposting to other services i.e. GP+?

Is there any audit of this process? Does the practice have a handle on this?

What would be the outcome of such an audit and how could the practice responds to it?

  • At full capacity with GPs – no additional space in terms of rooms.  Essentially down to CCG - all practices in the city are struggling more than a year ago and it is frustrating for all staff.  Overflow going to A&E.

Q. Could there be a protocol with a framework for receptionists to follow without being subjective as there is when you call NHS111?  Suggest a flow chart could be communicated to patients.  An onus on the practice to manage the system?

  • As above receptionists don’t clinically triage.

  • Difficult to recruit GPs and nowhere to sit them as buildings are at full capacity.

  • Wait time up to 5-6 weeks – no easy way out.

Q. What are the stats of GP face-to-face versus phone appointments?

  • GPs having far more patient contact and will see patients in person if they need to be seen. Practice looking to have 50/50.  NHS are monitoring sessions but not monitoring work/tasks outside of patient appointments so not necessarily an accurate portrayal of what is actually happening in practice.

  • Media not helping, moral is low, are people leaving. 

  • A difficult time for primary care – all working hard to try to deal with situation.

Positive experiences of practice pharmacist relayed to Simon by a number of PPG members present.

PPG assured Simon of their support for the surgery.


   3. Next Main PPG Meeting - agenda:

  • Simon to give update similar to today and talk about Impact on practice moving on from pandemic – i.e. delayed demands.


   4. Date of next meeting:

  • 28th September 11am – DM & SC apologies.

   Action DM send link with CV as host – save to cloud and DM forward to James for minutes.