Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group


Victoria & Mapperley Patient Participation Group
Business Meeting Minutes held on 24.05.2021

Present: Cath Verhoeven (Chair) James Pam (Mins) Alan Wilson, Anne Hardy, Bill Brown, Sue Clague, Roy Sells, Sally Eaton, Catherine Wallis, Robin Taylor, Tony Wright, Martin Rudge, Dr Mawji, Simon Jones (Practice Manager).


1 Ratification of Mins. Mins of meeting held on 30.03.21 were ratified.

2 Matters arising None.

3 Questions to Dr Mawji. Dr Mawji was sent a number of questions in advance of the meeting:

a. Future role of the PPG – Dr Mawji saw the PPG as playing a vital and valued independent advocacy role acting as a ‘critical friend’ of the Practice. Continuing dialogue between the Practice and the patient body through the PPG was essential as is its role to positively promote the Practice.

b. Dr Mawji’s future role within the practice. Dr Mawji confirmed that he is contracted to undertakes 9 sessions of clinical work each week (One session = 4 hours) He also undertakes a number of roles outside the Practice including GP sessions with NEMS (out of hours service), Director of ‘City GP Alliance’ and Deputy Clinical Director of Integrated Care Partnerships which brings together all the Health, Social Care and Voluntary sector stakeholders within the City. One day a week of Locum cover is provided for this role.
Dr Mawji intends to continue at this current level of commitment to the practice for at least the next eight years.
Patients commented on the value to the Practice of Clinicians involvement in the wider NHS through the sharing of knowledge and the benefits of networking.

c. Access to the Practice. Dr Mawji emphasised that the Practice has always been open through the pandemic and where patients need to be seen by a GP then face to face appointments have been arranged. The Practice operates a ‘Telephone First’ not a ‘Telephone Triage’ system. When patients ring and wish to consult a doctor the receptionist will offer a GP telephone appointment. The receptionist is not a gatekeeper controlling access to GP’s. There are times when patients are asked to ring back if all GP telephone appointments are fully booked that day. After a GP telephone consultation if further action is required that will be agreed with the patient.
Ear syringing and minor surgery has not been possible to date but there are hopes that these interventions may soon recommence. Joint injections have continued throughout the pandemic.
The percentage of patients who are seen following a telephone consultation varies between doctors. Dr Mawji estimates that he sees 10% of patients after a telephone consultation.
It is important to distinguish between patient ‘Demands’ and Patients ‘Needs’. The NHS does not have the capacity to meet all demands but must strive to meet patient needs.
Patients wearing masks and accompanied by a second person to a clinical setting is governed by National Standards not by the Practice.
The Practice is likely to participate in a ‘Surge’ Vaccination programme in the city within the next few weeks and participate in Covid Booster vaccinations in the autumn.
Currently Flu and Covid vaccination can’t be given at the same time but that guidance may change.

d. GP Provision in the Practice.


Dr Mawji 9 sessions
Dr Elias 9 sessions
Dr Gaden 5 sessions
Dr Nightingale 5 sessions
Dr Wheeler 4 sessions
Dr L Baig 4 sessions

Salaried Doctors:

Dr Khan 4 sessions
Dr Jenkins 4 sessions
Dr Baig 3 sessions


The formula used for the number of GP’s is based on 1 session of GP time for 250 patients. This converts to 40 sessions per week for our 10,000-patient practice. However, we have 47 sessions per week which is the equivalent of 5.5 G.P’s The Practice also covers most holiday cover and if locum cover is required it is restricted to a small pool.

Appointing new GP and Nurses is always a challenge. Experienced Practice Nurses are in particularly short supply. Dr Mawji emphasised the value of recruiting from staff who have trained in the Practice. Compared to many local Practices ours is remarkably stable. Simon Jones said that, compared to many other Practices we attract clinical staff because of staff stability and the emphasis put on a patient rather than a commercial focus.

A recent talk given to the PPG by the Shilan Darwish the Clinical Pharmacist was very well received. Later this summer a presentation will be given by Andrew Simpkins the Practice Social Prescriber link worker. Andrea Cutrupi is the Practice first contact Physiotherapist. Dr Mawji said that these posts were shared with a number of other Practices and funded by the Primary Care Network.

PPG members expressed grateful thanks to the Practice for remaining open during such testing times and arranging to see patients where that was required.

4. Questions to Simon Jones – Practice Manager.

a. Telephone System – A new contract is about to be signed. This will result in the Practice probably having one phone number and calls being answered by either surgery with a call waiting facility so that patients know where they are in the queue.
The rise in GP telephone consultations has not impacted on the wait time when phoning the Practice. GP’s use a different phone number. Patients phoning to order prescriptions does have an impact on waiting time. This issue is being looked at.
The pressure on Reception staff is exacerbated by an increase in demand over the past 12 months. At busy times six admin staff are answering phones.
Simon is encouraging reception staff to give their names but old habits die hard.
Comment was made about a minority of patients that can be extremely abusive on the phone. The Practice issues warnings about such behaviour and as a last resort, patients can be removed from the Practice list.
The PPG would want to support the Practice in challenging such behaviour.
A YouTube video called ‘If I die it will be your fault’ illustrates the challenge. It was agreed it should be posted on the Practice website with the support and endorsement of the PPG.

b. Simon confirmed that there was an ex-directory Practice phone number available to other Agencies. Simon will check that this number is available to the Ambulance Service.

c. NHS App – Simon has been working with Alan Wilson on how the Apps functionality can best be developed for our patients.

Patients can now access their Covid vaccination status on the App. When GP appointments are again available patients will be able to book appointments. They can currently reorder repeat prescriptions. In future it will be possible to extend the use of the App to access part of the patient record including Blood results and immunisation records.

The NHS App is available on a smartphone and on a laptop or Desktop computer.

Date of next Health Promotion Meeting with Andrew Simpkins (Social Prescriber) – 28th June. Date and time to be confirmed.

Date of next Business Meeting – 27th July. Dr Nightingale’s availability to be confirmed.