Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group


Patient Participation Group Minutes
Meeting held at Mapperley Surgery at 1pm on 15 October 2019

Present: James Pam (Acting Chair), Debs Main (Secretary), Bill Brown, Sue Clague, Alan Wilson, Christine Roach, Tony Wright, Susan Jones, Robin Taylor, Martin Rudge, Catherine Wallis, Pat Dexter

On Behalf of the practice: Dr Nightingale, Sudaf Baig (Trainee GP)

Apologies: Cath Verhoeven (Chair) Gill Crawford (Deputy Practice Manager), Anne Hardy, Simon Jones (Practice Manager), Linda Bowyer


1. Ratification of Minutes: the minutes for the meeting on 04.07.19 were ratified.

2. Matters Arising: 


1. New Patients: Dr Nightingale reported that around 1000 new patients have registered with the practice over the last 2-3 months following the closure of the Mapperley Park Practice and there has been some new recruitment to reception. Some PPG members expressed frustration at the what seems to be frequent changes in staff. Along with having some staff from the Mapperley Park Practice to deal with the transition of patients across, Dr Nightingale felt that was an NHS wide problem and she hopes there will be some stability moving forward.

2. Telephone Manner: PPG members feel frustrated when calling the surgery that staff don’t answer by giving their name and feel its essential to know who you’re talking to. The previous Practice Manager Catherine Gordon had promised some staff training would take place to deal with this. Action: CV to raise with Simon Jones.

3. Saturday Opening: Mapperley Surgery is now open once a month on Saturday morning for appointments that have been booked in advanced only. Appointments can be booked to see a GP, Nurse or Health Care Assistant as follows:

Opening Hours: Saturdays at 08:30 – 11:45
On these dates: 26th October, 23rd November, 
                          21st December, 18th January,
                         15th February & 14th March.
Location:           Mapperley Surgery, 858 Woodborough Road,
                          Book in advance through the surgery.
              Please note that the telephones are not live on these days.

4. Telephone System: there has been some improvement since the installation of the new system at 858 but patients are reporting long waits in a queue system once the phone has been answered. The PPG Action Group have suggested a ‘secret shopper’ audit to provide the practice with an accurate assessment of the degree of the problem that patients are experiencing. Action: CV to discuss with SJ.

5. Appointments on-line: PPG members questioned what percentage of appointments are available to book on line as there are frequently few or none available to book. Action: CV to follow up with SJ.

6. A PPG Member reported difficulty with obtaining a Paracetamol prescription via pharmacy. Dr Nightingale was unaware of problems but said there was a drive not to prescribe paracetamol and advised the patient to make an appointment with a GP to resolve the matter. Another PPG member reported problems in communication between Boots the chemist and the practice often walking backwards and forwards between the two with no one taking responsibility for the problem.

3. GP Patient Survey: PPG Action Group member Sue Clague reported on the results of the latest GP Survey. As a general comment on all GP practices she said that research from the Kings Fund said that once patients actually got in to see their GP their experience was positive and it’s getting an appointment that is the problem and this was echoed in V&M Practice results.

See below for a brief summary of the results which can be explored in detail here:
294 Surveys sent out 108 Surveys sent back 37% Completion rate
Where patient experience is best:
82% of respondents were satisfied with the type of appointment they were offered
Local (CCG) average: 72%National average: 74%

99% of respondents took the appointment they were offered
Local (CCG) average: 94%National average: 94%

91% of respondents say the healthcare professional they saw or spoke to was good at treating them with care and concern during their last general practice appointment
Local (CCG) average: 86%National average: 87%

Where patient experience could improve:
59% of respondents find it easy to get through to this GP practice by phone
Local (CCG) average: 71%National average: 68%
PPG Comment: This may have improved since the new telephone system was
installed and is being monitored. It was noted that the new phone system was not installed at VHC due to the building being leased and not under the control of the practice, SJ has suggested that there may be 1 telephone number for both practices in the future to reduce patients problems in getting through.

63% of respondents are satisfied with the general practice appointment times
available Local (CCG) average: 68%National average: 65%

63% of respondents describe their experience of making an appointment as good
Local (CCG) average: 69%National average: 67%
PPG Comment: Admin problems are the focus of the PPG objectives under ‘Patient Experience’ and the PPG have offered to assist the practice in any way they can. As a general comment PPG members said that the electronic sign-in process has been appreciated as progress at Mapperley surgery.

4. V&M Practice Updates:

• Website - SJ has agreed with the practice that he can update the practice website along with Dr Gayden. The PPG welcomed this and hope the website will be more functional, relevant and up to date.

• New Clinic Room for Mapperley Surgery: a store room is to be converted into a phlebotomy room with funding received from the CCG and a clinic room is being used upstairs.

• Flu Jabs: there will be a clinic for Flu vaccinations at Mapperley Surgery on Saturday 28th October - call the surgery to book an appointment. The PPG will be assisting.

• Newsletter: Cath has discussed with SJ possibility of sending the newsletter to all patients with smartphones via MJOG. DM said Autumn/Winter edition of newsletter should be in circulation by end of October.

• Staff Changes: Dr Worsey and Dr Adams have left the practice and their sessions will have been replaced by Karen Jenkins - Salaried GP and Lindsey Wheeler - GP Partner. The practice is looking for another GP to accommodate the recent increase in patients on the list - applications are in process. Other changes are: Lynda - Admin at VHC has retired and Paula at Mapperley surgery has left.

• Dr Nightingale PPG Link: Dr Nightingale confirmed that she is now the formal link between the practice and the PPG which was welcomed by the PPG members present.

5. Questions from PPG Members:

1. Brexit Implications on medication supplies: Dr Nightingale said she could give no assurance on the results of Brexit on supplies, however supplies are effected on a weekly basis for various reasons already and where this is the case the GPs select the next best alternatives. Sue Clague said that from her experience at a patient engagement group this is s big unknown area but there are procedures in place, the impact of Brexit will not be immediate but maybe a few weeks on.

2. Information Screen: Has any progress been made on getting this installed at Mapperley Surgery? (NB this may not be possible at VHC as the building is leased and not owned by the practice). It was felt that changes in management have meant that this has slipped down the list of priorities and will be addressed again in the future. Action: CV to discuss with SJ.

6. Close of Meeting: James Pam thanked all present for their participation in the meeting.

Next PPG Meetings:

At: Victoria Health Centre On: Thursday 16th January At: 1pm
At: Mapperley surgery On: Tuesday 21st April At: 1pm
At: Victoria Health Centre On: Thursday 16th July At: 1pm

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