Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group


Victoria & Mapperley Patient Participation Group
Business Meeting Minutes - 28th September 2021


Present: Cath Verhoeven (Chair) James Pam (Mins) Alan Wilson, Ann Hardy, Bill Brown, Roy Sells, Sally Eaton, Catherine Wallis, Martin Rudge, Michael Stewart, Simon Jones (Practice Manager) Dr Mawji.

Apologies: Debs Main, Sue Clague, Mike Prentice, Robin Taylor

The meeting received an update from Simon and Dr Mawji on the current areas of concern for the Practice.

1 Flu Vaccine

Delivery has been delayed by two weeks. Simon was confident that supplies would start to arrive next week.
Patients are encouraged to book their flu vaccine via the NHS App if possible.
Cath will talk to Simon about ways in which the PPG can assist the Practice in the delivery of Flu vaccine.

2 Covid Booster Jabs

The ability of Primary Care to deliver large volumes of Booster Jabs has to be balanced with the importance of also delivering a ‘normal’ service to patients. The NHS would like Primary Care to deliver 40% of all Booster jabs. This is felt to be unrealistic. The Practice has agreed to be part of the NHS Covid booster jab programme. Priority will be given to the housebound and patients in Care homes.
It was agreed that the PPG would write to the CCG expressing concern about unrealistic NHS expectations.
It is anticipated that 4,000 practice patients over the age of 50 years will require Booster Jabs.
It is anticipated that the NHS will be contacting patients about their booster jabs. Patients are asked not to contact the Practice.

3 Practice Telephone system

The Practice now has a single phone number for both surgeries. (0115 969 1166) Reception staff at both surgeries will respond to calls. Patients will join a single queuing system. The average waiting time to date is 10 minutes although some wait times may be as long as 30 minutes.
On the 27th September the Practice received 500 calls in a single day.
Simon will remind reception staff to give their names when answering the phone.

4 Staffing

Dr Khan and Dr Bhaig will be leaving the practice shortly. Dr Bailey will be increasing his number of sessions.
An advert for Secretarial and Reception staff will go out this week.
The Practice has more GP and Admin staff than ever before. We are in the fortunate position of continuing to have a very stable staff group.
Dr Mawji said that the reasons for high demand on Primary Care was complex and included: Normal winter pressures, phone consultations on top of face to face consultations resulting in an increase in work load, Covid related issues including poor management of long term conditions, Lack of patient education particularly related to health management of small children, A prevailing societal attitude of wanting an immediate service.

5 Staff Security

Simon reported that only one patient had been removed from the Practice list in recent months following aggressive behaviour that required police attendance. A few ‘Final Warning’ letters had also been sent.
Simon acknowledged the importance of ensuring that staff security policies were regularly reviewed.



The meeting expressed their appreciation for the continuing high quality of service from clinical and admin staff.