Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group


Victoria & Mapperley Patient Participation Group
Annual General Meeting Minutes
Meeting held on Zoom at 11am on 02.11.2020

Present: Cath Verhoeven (Chair), Debs Main (Secretary), Alan Wilson, Anne Hardy, Bill Brown, Sue Clague, James Pam, Roy Sells,

On Behalf of the Practice: Dr Nightingale, Simon Jones (Practice Manager), Gill


Apologies: Tryphena Anderson, Robin Taylor


1. Ratification of Minutes: the minutes of the AGM held on 04.04.2019 were

2. Matters Arising:

1. PPG Constitution: covered in main body of the meeting.

3. Presentation of the Annual Report: (see attached)

1. Cath officially welcomed Simon and Gill to the practice and congratulated them both on their hard work and professionalism supporting the PPG. She also thanked Dr Nightingale for stepping in as the PPG GP contact in place of Dr Mawji and her unstinting support of the the PPG in this role.

2. Sections of the annual report were presented in turn by the action group member lead for each objective with space for questions following. 

3. Q: Simon was asked if their was any progress in uniting the telephone systems for both surgeries.  

A. Simon - the practice is waiting for the running down of the contact for Mapperley as it would be expensive to end mid contract. As this comes to an end the practice will look for the best company to align both systems. The PPG ‘secret shopper’ survey illustrated that telephone wait times are longer at Mapperley and Simon would like to see the phone lines merged so that when a patient calls the practice it goes through to both Victoria and Mapperley to hopefully even out the demand, and the service would be better for patients.

Action: Simon to review early 2021.

4. Q: Simon was asked for an update on accessing a reasonable number of appointments on line. Along with this, Simon was asked if the process of how patients can see a clinician could be made more clear and accessible on the practice website and updated quickly if things change. Also sending out this information via text messaging as changes arise given that the practice has access to a significant percentage of their patient population via their mobile phone.
A. Simon - flu vaccination appointments are currently available on line as they are timed slots. But the reason that the practice is unable to offer timed slots with GP at present due to a different way of working through the pandemic ie using an on the day triage system where appointments are prioritised and many appointments are done via the telephone. This is due to be raised at the next management meeting where he will suggest that timed slots are reinstated which will allow some online appointments to be on the system. Routine appointments are booking 2-3 weeks ahead. Dr Nightingale commented that giving patients timed slots for telephone appointments can add to patient dissatisfaction as it can be difficult to stick to designated slots for this type of appointment and unlike patients sitting physically in the waiting room where they can see patient going in and out of the consulting room they have no idea where they are in the queue. 
Action: Simon agreed to:
• Review the website and update if needed, especially with a view to making this type of information more prominent and accessible on the home page. Information relating to the covid pandemic and flu clinics has somewhat dominated it recently.
• Ask Dr Gayden to put something on the Facebook page.
• Provide an article for the newsletter.


4. Presentation of the 2020/21 Objectives (see attached)

1. The proposed objectives were presented in turn by the action group member lead for each objective and discussed as follows:

1. Enhancing our engagement with ‘virtual’ members. 
The majority of our PPG membership are ‘virtual’ members, that is members who do not attend PPG meetings in person but are in contact by email. 
Objective: The Action Group will seek ways of communicating more effectively with virtual members so their views can influence the PPG agenda.


During and following the Corona Virus Crisis we need to continue engaging safely with patients while working in partnership with our GP Practice. To do this the action group will facilitate PPG meetings on-line using video conferencing technology (i.e. ZOOM) rather than meeting in person. Patients will be invited to get involved by publicising PPG meetings via the practice website, the Practice Newsletter, the notice boards in the practice where possible and email. 
The measurement of the effectiveness of this objective will be through evaluating the attendance at meetings on-line in comparison to previous physical meetings.


The group discussed: Funding had been obtained to cover ZOOM subscription
costs and there is work to be done around engaging patients to get involved in on-line meetings. This AGM is the first meeting of the whole PPG and other than action group members only 1 other PPG member attended. It was suggested that the action group could perhaps offer individual PPG members practice zoom sessions to give them more confidence to participate but this can be quite time consuming and challenging. It was agreed that timing of meetings should be reviewed to offer evening meetings and work on
publicising meetings more.

Debs had posted the AGM on the V&M Facebook page and Dr Nightingale commented that the post reached 450 people and this would be a good way of reaching people.  

Roy offered some extremely useful insight as a non-action group member. He was concerned that the impression that PPG meetings we possibly perceived as very formal which could put people off and wondered how we could make the meetings more open and welcoming and make the meetings less formal. Anne echoed this and felt that meetings can be intimidating if you weren’t used to working like that in your professional life.

It was agreed that looking at a way of breaking down barriers to being clear about what being involved in the PPG means - ie you don’t have to be and
“expert” and every voice is welcome. 
Action: Action group to discuss the challenges of engaging members on zoom
further at next meeting.


2. Attendance at relevant network meetings.
Effective networking can inform best PPG practice. Objective: The PPG representative to attend network meetings to identify best practice that can influence our PPG and the Victoria and Mapperley Practice. 
The measurement of the effectiveness of this objective will be through
reports to PPG meetings.

The group discussed: As the PCNs (primary care networks) develop over the next 12 months we need to ensure that our practice is well represented with whatever patent engagement opportunities are put in place.


3. Produce a practice newsletter.
In partnership with the Practice the PPG has taken responsibility for the production of the Practice Newsletter. This joint venture relies on articles written by staff and patients. The Newsletter will be edited by the PPG secretary. 
The PPG will endeavour to extend the reach of the Practice Newsletter from its current waiting room, Practice website access, text messaging and email distribution. Also local pharmacies where possible. This will be measured by evidence that newsletters are produced and circulated.


4. Patient Experience.
We wish to support the practice to further develop its patient centred, holistic care through appropriate use of best practice digital technology. 

1. In conjunction with the practice understand what percentage of appointments are currently being conducted by a) telephone, b) video link and c) face to face. Review changes and patient satisfaction at the end of the year.
2. With the practice ensure optimum use and frequency of text messages to help improve patient communication. Review patient satisfaction at the end of the year. 
3. Encourage patients to access information from the NHS app and the improved website when it is re-launched. Check usage hits currently and after the re-launch.
4. Work with Connected Notts and the Practice management to advance the integration of the NHS app into the practice’s web resources and explore the introduction of additional functionality around care plans, test results etc. 
5. Support the practice to ensure that vulnerable, hard to reach patients are not disadvantaged through improved use of digital technology. Review patient feedback at the end of the year.


The group discussed: It was felt that point 5 is vitally important.


5. Practice Website Review.
The practice would value the support of the PPG in ensuring that information on the practice website is accurate and up to date. 
Objective: Work with the practice management to put in place web resources that are up to date and fully meet patient needs. 
On an annual basis carry out a systematic review of existing web content
and feedback results to practice management.


The group discussed: Alan is working hard with the practice on this. Simon
commented that the person working on the website design is almost finished
the home page and is sending logos for review and he will feedback to Alan
when he receives them.

2. Each of the objectives were proposed, seconded and adopted.


5. Elections of Chair and Secretary:

Bill proposed that due to the impact of the pandemic on the PPG and its constitution needs to be flexible to adapt to the situation. As such he proposed that Cath Verhoeven (Chair) and Debs (Secretary) should continue in their roles. Cath and Debs both agreed that they would carry on and review when more active members are available to take on the roles. The motion was proposed, seconded and adopted.

6. Future PPG Meetings - as previously discussed in item 4.1 and in addition:

• Zoom - having funding and need to explore how to be more inclusive and help people become more confident in using Zoom. 
• Informal meetings - less formal, chatty, relaxed ‘open’ meetings - meet the practice. No agenda - less structure. Working within covid restrictions currently 
• Timings - evening sessions. 
• Regularity - reduce formal PPG meetings with ‘business’ addressed by the action group. 
• Guest speakers as a focus - ie giving people a reason to join such a presentation by a respiratory nurse about asthma etc. In this way nothing is being asked of the person joining and listening 
• Roy suggested 2 reasons why people don’t attend meetings. 1. They are pretty happy with the way things are & 2. They think even if they attend, nothing will
will change anyway. We need to engage with the people in the second point. 
• Process v Product - what are we offering, how do we advertise this to the wider group, how can people know they can make a difference?
• Review: How are we more ‘fit for purpose’?
Action: discuss further at next action group meeting.

7. Close of Meeting Cath thanked all present, especially Simon, Gill and Dr Nightingale for their participation in the meeting. Simon thanked the PPG for their continued hard work and commented on how helpful their work in supporting the practice is and that their feedback is much appreciated.

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