Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group


Victoria & Mapperley Patient Participation Group

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Meeting held on Zoom at 10:30am on 13.12.2021

Present:    Cath Verhoeven (Chair), Debs Main (Secretary),

                   Anne Hardy, Bill Brown, James Pam, Roy Sells, Tony Wright,

                   Sally Eaton, Martin Rudge, Michael Stewart, Robin Taylor.

On Behalf of the Practice: Simon Jones (Practice Manager)

Apologies: Alan Wilson, Dr Nightingale



  1. Ratification of Minutes: the minutes of the AGM held on 02.11.20 were ratified.

  2. Matters Arising: Covered in main body of the meeting.

  3. Constitution for 2022 Review: (see attached)

      Cath presented the changes to the constitution to the meeting.

  • Most changes covered in annual report attached. Concern raised regarding not sending postal copies to those not on–line. Simon happy for someone to come into practice to come in to copy and post in a ‘Covid safe’ manner.

  • Removed time limit on appointment of officers (i.e. max of 3 years) – proposed by James and seconded by Bill and Martin.

  • Affiliation – need to clarify wording in final paragraph. Action: changes to be made by CV and ratified by the Action Group.

  4. Presentation of the Annual Report:  (see attached)

      Cath presented the annual report to the group and time was given for questions following.

       Q: Simon was asked for feedback regarding the success of the new telephone system.

  • Simon – On the whole good. Great from an auditing point of view, he can actively see in real time how many people are in the queue how long the wait time is etc. This enables him to support the staff and allocate resources appropriately when needed.  As one phone system now covers both sites, staff should ensure that patients are clear about which site their appointment is at. The practice receives between 300 & 400 and can be up to 600 calls per day. No negative feedback from patients but staff still inevitably occasionally receive abusive calls from frustrated patients and this has increased throughout the pandemic – staff are being trained to better support patients and maybe offer other options other than face to face GP appointments.  He also asked for the PPGs anecdotal experience.  

  • Members reported sometimes long waits in a queue on phone but very happy with service when they get through and feel that the new system is working better.

          Action: PPG survey needed? To be discussed at action group meeting. 


Q: Simon was asked if patients can still have telephone appointments as the default position is now that patients are offered a face-to-face appointment.

A. Simon – Yes, if the patient requests this they can still have a phone appointment as it’s often more convenient for them.


Q: Simon was asked why move back to face-to-face appointments.

A. Simon – Some political and NHS England pressure to give face-to-face appointments. This in some respects reduces duplication of work as often patients called in to surgery following a telephone appointment anyway. GPs are just as busy.


       Martin asked that annual report is amended to include thanks to Cath for her hard work too.


  5. Presentation and adoption of the 2021/22 Objectives  (see attached)

      Cath presented the objectives to the group and these were adopted with following discussion:

  • Need for more PPG members. And it’s critical to encourage more and balanced wider cross section members.  Tony suggested that PPG members could personally be more active in asking others to participate too – this was agreed to be a good idea.

  • Action: Simon to continue to ask clinicians regularly. Cath encouraged patients to recruit. Notice boards need to be reviewed and updated when possible. Newsletter to include PPG membership what it involves and benefits.


  6. Elections of Chair and Secretary: (Bill)

In the absence of any other nominations, Bill proposed that Cath Verhoeven (Chair) and Debs Main (secretary) continue in their roles.

The motion was seconded by Martin and carried with thanks made for their continued efforts.


  7. Practice Update: Simon

Covid Booster Vaccinations: Following Booster drive announcement by Boris Johnson Prime Minister last night as a result of spread of Omicron variant – practice already stretched and it’s underestimated how much the Pfizer booster makes it difficult from a vaccination point of view – given 15 minute observation time.  The practice have vaccinated all care-homes and majority of housebound patients in their care. This takes a 45 minute appointment which is time consuming and reduces the amount they can do. There is pressure to put on more clinics but it is difficult to social distance and observe patients for 15 minutes following their vaccination.  Simon has a meeting after this meeting and hopes to have more answers but no guidance from NHS England yet but will result in cuts to other services.

  • Debs offered support for practice position and asked how can the PPG support the practice. Welcomed by Simon but no expectation on PPG.

  • Porta-cabin in car park suggested – thought to be good idea – logistics?

  • Suggestion that 15 minute wait post Pfizer vaccination may be scrapped but this not confirmed yet – this would help with logistical problems.

  • Community center on Haywood road suggested as a bigger venue and St Annes Valley centre is already being considered.

  • Are retired clinicians being approached to assist in vaccination drive? Simon to consider asking for support.  Issues with registration and safety need to be considered.

  • Impact on deferring routine appointments such as review for chronic illnesses disused.

  • Black mould & Covid pneumonia mentioned by a PPG member – Simon to speak to GPs about relevant advice to patients.

         Flu vaccinations are going well.

Recruitment: The practice is recruiting for another Salaried GP as Dr Sadaf Baig has left. Dr Simon Bailey now on a permanent basis for 8 sessions. Still need more staff to cover all GP sessions. May look at locum options if needed.

GP+: More GP+ appointments as a result of additional winter funding and these are being offered to patients by the reception team.  Appointments are made if needed through the practice when no appointments are available at the practice.


AOB: none.


Close of Meeting:  Thanks to given to Simon for his time and contribution.