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Here is a list of our walks:

Walks start at 10.30am (unless otherwise stated)

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To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Society there are 7 circular walks along the Notts Wolds Way (NWW) starting at Bunny and finishing at Cropwell Butler. They are marked NWW 1 - 7 in this programme.

Oct. 3rd

8.0 miles

Caunton, Maplebeck & Winkburn. Meet The Plough Inn, Caunton. Street parking e.g. Manor Rd, Main St or Norwell Rd. Please share lifts. Gently undulating, through fields, villages & woodland. Maps 271 & 270, SK 745 601 (NG23 6AB).

Leader Rosemary. Tel 07743 604241.

Oct. 10th

5.0 miles

Bus  (S)

NWW 1 Bunny - Wysall. Meet St Mary’s Church, Bunny. Street parking e.g. Main St or Moor Lane. Please share lifts. Kinchbus 9 hourly. NWW Bunny to Wysall. Return via roads and paths including part of outward route. Map 246, SK 583 296 (NG11 6QW).

Leaders Chris/Phil. Tel. 07724 152223.

Oct. 17th

8.0 miles

West Leake. Meet West Leake church.  Parking on Main St. West Leake - Gotham - Gotham Hill.  Maps 246 and 260, SK 527 264 (LE12 5RF).

Leader Ashley. Tel 07866 925081.

Oct. 31st

7.5 miles

Hawksworth. Meet Hawksworth Church. Park along Main St or Town St. Hawksworth - Thoroton - Orston A lovely walk through arable countryside, villages, tracks and the banks of the River Smite.  Map 260, SK 753 434 (NG13 9DB).

Leaders Julia & Chris. Tel. 07941 333178.

Nov. 7th

6.3 miles

NWW 2 Wysall - Willoughby - Thorpe Lodge Farm. Meet Holy Trinity Church, Wysall. Street Parking. NWW Wysall to Thorpe Lodge Farm. Return to Wysall via footpaths. A lot of stiles. Coffee and lunch stops.

Map 246, SK 604 271 (NG12 5QS).

Leader Martyn. Tel. 07749 848111.

Nov. 14th

8.3 miles

Oxton. Meet parking area A6097 northbound, 0.6 miles north of Oxton roundabout. Walk visits Calverton & returns through fields & woods. Some hills (~700 feet of ascent).

Map 270, SK 623 518 (NG25 0TD).

Leader Alan. Tel. 07989 627942.

Nov. 28th

7.6 miles


NWW 3 Thorpe Lodge Farm - Keyworth.  Meet car park Keyworth Village Hall, Elm Avenue, off Selby Lane (free). The Keyworth bus every 15 min. Footpaths from Keyworth to Wysall then Thorpe Lodge Farm, returning via NWW.  

Map 246/260, SK615 309 (NG12 5AN).

Leaders Chris/Phil Tel. 07724 152223.

Dec. 5th

5.0 miles


Newark. Meet car park off Valley Prospect (for directions, use Newark Town Football Club). Includes Newark Castle, old parts of the town, and riverside. Mainly on firm surfaces.

Map 271, SK 789 527 (NG24 4QN).

Leader Maggie 07758 419696/ 01636 525359.

Dec. 12th

7.1 miles


NWW 4 Keyworth - Stanton on the Wolds. Meet car park K’worth Village Hall, Elm Ave, off Selby Lane (free). The Keyworth bus every 15 min. NWW to Stanton golf course. Return via paths & roads. Few inclines & some stiles.

Map 246/260, SK 615 309 (NG12 5AN).

Leaders: Sally Tel.07780 501658 & Colleen..

Dec. 19th

7.1 miles


Bestwood Park. Meet at Moor Bridge tram stop. Park on Bestwood Rd, don’t use tram car park (clamping). Tram or trentbarton threes. Tracks and trails including lakes & woods, some ascent.

Map 260, SK 546 466 (NG6 8AE).

Leader Andrew Tel. 07732 658631.

Jan. 2nd

5.2 miles

NWW 5 Stanton on the Wolds - Roehoe. Meet/park Browns Lane by lane to All Saints Church,Stanton. Path to golf course & railway. NWW to Roehoe. Return tracks & paths. Figure of 8. Map 260, SK 633 305 (NG12 5BL).

Leaders: Jean Tel. 07975 518114 & Jacqui.

Jan. 9th

8.0 miles


Sandiacre. Meet Sandiacre library car park, Doncaster Ave. Trent Barton i4, from Friar Lane 9.37 to near Lidl. Mainly flat, Stapleford, Bramcote Hills, Nottingham and Erewash Canals. 

Map 260,  SK 475 366 (NG10 5FJ).

Leader Geoff F. Tel 07751 443911.

Jan. 23rd

5.5 miles

Bus (S)

Attenborough. Meet and park towpath end of Canal Side, Beeston Rylands. Rail to Beeston Station (15 min walk). CT4N Bus 18, 9:45 from Beastmarket, to Riverside Rd. Flat, no stiles Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Map 260, SK 536 354 (NG9 1NR). 

Leaders: Tanya (Tel. 07838 605140) and Lynne.

Feb. 6th

7.5 miles


Barton in Fabis. Meet free car park by Clifton Bridge on Clifton Lane opp petrol station. Care entering car park. NCT 1, 3, 4. Clifton Grove, Beeston weir, fields to Barton, good tracks back. Some mud.

Map 260, SK 562 365 (NG11 7ES).

Leader Angela 07973 142929.


5.5 miles


Hoton. Meet & park Prestwold Lane. Hoton. Hoton Hills, Cotes, Mere Hill, Prestwold, Hoton.

Map 246, SK 574 222 (LE12 5SH).

Leader: Paul W. 0115 982 1022.


8.0  miles

NWW 6 Roehoe - Owthorpe Wolds. Meet The Fosse, Kinoulton. Park on the grass verge approx 500m to the South of Roehoe junction. The walk follows the NWW to Owthorpe Wolds, then crosses the A46 to return through Cotgrave Forest.

Map 260. SK 654 301 (NG12 3ER).

Leader: Karen. 07881 722165.

Mar. 5th

6.0 miles

Bus  (S)

Southwell. Meet long stay car park, Southwell Leisure centre. NCT 26, every 30 min from Nott’ham, Walk to Morton and back.

Map 271, SK698 532 (NG25 0LG).

Leader Martyn. Tel. 07749 848111.


7.5 miles


Strelley. Meet Main St opp Strelley Hall. NCT 77 to Rose Inn, 25 min walk. Swingate, Babbington &Cossall. tracks, some canal.

Map 260, SK505 422 (NG8 6PE).

Leader Andrew Tel. 07732 658631.

Mar. 19th

8.5 miles

NWW 7 Owthorpe Wolds - Cropwell Butler. Meet Canal Car Park, Nottingham Rd, Cropwell Bishop. Car share if poss.  Easy walk by canal & cross fields to Owthorpe, then Notts Wolds Way to Cropwell Butler, back on bridle way. Mud after rain.

Map 260.SK 678 355 (NG12 3BA). 

Leader: Karen. 07881 722165.

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