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Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group



To strengthen the relationship between the Practice & its Patients and to assist the Practice in continuing to improve its provision of healthcare whilst ensuring that patients are at the heart of decision making.


The Patient Participation Group will:

  • Be kept informed of service development and provision within the Practice and provide feedback on behalf of the Patient group.

  • Be committed to the principles contained in the Equality Act and strive to effectively represent a diverse patient group.

  • Provide a patient voice promoting a patient led culture.

  • Provide the Practice with feedback to improve service delivery.

  • Play an active role in developing, producing and maintaining communication about the Practice and the PPG through the Practice Newsletter, display material in surgeries and the website.

  • Work with the Practice to help it address the challenge of change.

  • Review patient targeted material.

  • Facilitate communication and understanding of the pressures facing the Practice.

  • Agree annual Objectives which will be reviewed at the AGM.

The PPG is not a forum for individual complaints which should be channelled through the Practice Complaints Procedure.


Membership will be open to registered patients of the Practice.


A full PPG meeting will be held quarterly attended by the Practice Manager and where possible a GP.

An ‘Action Group’ consisting of a maximum of 9 active PPG members meet monthly to take forward PPG business. PPG members wishing to join the Action Group should contact the Chair to discuss their interest.  Any change in Action Group membership will be ratified by the PPG.


PPG Meeting minutes will be circulated to members by email or post, displayed in both surgeries and placed on the Practice Website. Action Group minutes will be circulated to members by email or post and placed on the Practice Website.


The Chair and Secretary will be appointed by members at the AGM and reappointed on an annual basis. Appointments will be for a maximum of three years and reappointed by the AGM on an annual basis. To ensure continuity and relevant experience the PPG will strive to recruit Officers from the Action Group. If that is not possible then recruitment will be from the full membership. The day to day management of the PPG will be conducted by the elected officers and supported by the Action Group


Administrative assistance will be provided by Practice staff.


The PPG will not hold a budget. The Practice Management Group will consider any requests for support for specific purposes.


The PPG will work with other PPGs within our Primary Care Network (PCN). 

Date ratified:   Dec 2021 

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