Victoria & Mapperely Patient Participation Group


Objectives ratified were by the PPG AGM on the 4th April 2019

1. Improve the demographic of the PPG Membership

Black, Asian and minority ethnic patients and those under the age of 45 are underrepresented within our PPG membership. 


The PPG will continue to recruit membership from the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community in our contact with the patients and seek to increase membership from patients under the age of 45. Over the next 12 months the Action Group will review how best to include other underrepresented groups.  Where there is a vacancy in the Action Group, we will seek to recruit in a manner that more accurately reflects the practice demographics..

2. Enhance our engagement with Virtual Members

The majority of our PPG membership are virtual members. 


The Action Group will seek ways of communicating more effectively with virtual members so their views can influence the PPG agenda..

3. Attendance at the Network meetings

Effective Networking can inform best PPG practice.


The PPG will attend network meetings, seek meetings with other PPG’s and identify best practice that can influence our PPG and the Practice. The measurement of the effectiveness of this objective will be through reports to PPG meetings.

4. Produce a practice Newsletter

In partnership with the Practice the PPG has taken responsibility for the production of the Practice Newsletter. This joint venture relies on articles written by staff and patients. The Newsletter will be edited by the PPG secretary.


The PPG will extend the reach of the Practice Newsletter from its current waiting room, Practice website access and email distribution to potentially include pharmacies and other public places in the local area.

5. Management of health focussed information in waiting rooms

The Practice identifies NHS Health priorities, publicity posters and information leaflets that are made available in waiting rooms.


The practice will provide Health Promotion resources and a member of the Action Group will be responsible for displaying them in waiting rooms.

6. Patient Experience

We wish to continue to develop our engagement with patients to assess their level of satisfaction in their non-clinical interaction with the surgery. This may include appointment systems, interaction with reception staff, access to public health information leaflets/posters and the patients experience of waiting for appointments.


In conjunction with the practice develop, agree and undertake surveys of the patient populations’ non-clinical experience. This objective will be met by evidence of completed surveys which will be fed back to the PPG and the practice.

7. Practice Website Review

The practice would value the support of the PPG in ensuring that information on the practice website is correct and up to date.


On an annual basis the PPG will carry out a systematic review of the website content and feedback the results to practice management.

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